Who is LARA?

LARA - Lebanese Association for Rehabilitation and Awareness is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2017, and registered in Lebanon under number 1237.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our Mission

LARA's mission is to improve people's lives irrespective of their nationality, gender, religion, age and disability.

Vision for the Future

A world in which every person reaches their fullest potential.

Strategic Goals

Raising awareness, guidance, counselling, and rehabilitation for all segments of society.

Conducting studies and working with civil society institutions, competent state agencies, and all concerned with all available means and under the applicable laws.

Organizing and conducting activities and seminars of various kinds, proposing laws to achieve the goals and objectives of the association, and to advocate for human rights.

Educating and training for proper, productive, healthy, balanced, secure and responsible use of the Internet and technology.

Conducting scientific research studies.